Why your workouts need the best workout gloves

September 09, 2020

Why your workouts need the best workout gloves - PROPS ATHLETICS INC

Ok, so, you’ve got your gear (killer sweat-wicking tights and matching bra ...obviously). You’ve got your shoes, you’ve got yourBala Bangles, you’ve got your Fitbit - but do you actually NEED workout gloves?! A quick google search reveals that the internet is - as always - fairly divided on the topic. But let’s sort it out! Keep reading to find out if you should be wearing workout gloves. 


We may be biased here but we say YES, YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD WEAR WORKOUT GLOVES. But let’s forget for a moment that we just happen to make the best workout gloves and explore the reasons why people don’t want to wear gloves while they workout. The top reasons we hear from “anti glovers” are: they’re too bulky, super ugly, not comfortable, make it difficult to grab weights, and generally just get in the way, and lastly they smell horrible. 

Your workout gloves should never be bulky, in fact, none of your workout apparel should be. If your gloves are interrupting your workout, it’s time for an upgrade. In addition to comfort, your gloves should work with you not against you. The best workout gloves are tight fighting (think compression), increase your grip while holding weights and other equipment, and be easy to clean. 

Should you be wearing workout gloves? Yes, but not just any workout gloves. We had all these points in mind when we set out to design PROPS. Let’s talk PROPS and where they fit into the workout glove discussion. 


  • Better Grip. It’s no secret, you sweat when you work out (and that’s a good thing). What’s not a good thing, slippery hands. Not only have PROPS been designed with CoolMax Yarn to be ultimate sweat absorbers, the palms have our signature silicon fingerprint grip to help you get a more secure grip on your weights, rower, or yoga mat.
  • Callus Protection.Calluses suck. Period. PROPS act like a super barrier between your hands and weights reducing the likelihood of ugly, painful calluses. In addition to preventing calluses, there is no added bulk with PROPS. Because of their compression-like fit, you’ll get a better feel for the bar, weights, mat, etc than you will with bulky workout gloves. Say goodbye to bulky gloves.
  • Germ Barrier.As gross as it is, germs are literally everywhere - ESPECIALLY at the gym.  Warm environments with lots of sweat as we’ve learned from the coronavirus pandemic, are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs - like those present in COVID-19. We’ve always been anti-germ but it’s now more than ever. We like to think of PROPS as germ barriers, when when you’re done your workout just peel them off and toss them in the wash. Washability is an important must-have in our glove research and we like to think we’ve nailed it. No more crusty, smelly workout gloves.

In a nutshell, not all workout gloves are created equal. They really need to work with you, not against you, and help you make the most of your workout - if they don’t chances are you don’t need them. Thankfully, PROPS are not your average workout glove and has been designed to address the specific issues mentioned above. 

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